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Out-Learn, Out-Think, Win

This video—named Out-Learn, Out-Think, Win—tells a story about how Defense personnel may learn in the future, using complex interconnected network-based technologies. One of the main characters in the film isn’t even human—it’s the distributed learning network. The filmmakers, from Purple Tornado, created a graphic user interface (GUI) to help show how the human characters interact with that system. In the story, Army Staff Sergeant Martina Reynolds uses various distributed learning tools to practice and assess her cyber-defense skills. The video opens with SSG Reynolds reading an ebook and then progresses through her conducting VR-based pre-training, and it finally culminates with an instructor-guided group training exercise. As the story unfolds, you can see how SSG Reynolds’ learning and development seamlessly blends across different systems, which are enabled by different instructional technologies and data-driven learning capabilities.

This video is a deliverable from a larger project, called Transmedia Narrative Use Cases of Future Learning Systems.