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Virtual World Sandbox

The Virtual World (VW) Sandbox is the perfect tool for anyone creating a game or simulation. Offering a library of professional grade, highly-functional 3D assets, it is 100% open source, and built on HTML5. Best of all, it’s free and cloud-based, which means no installations are required and it can be deployed quickly.

A turnkey product developed by the government, VW Sandbox has no “per seat” licensing or vendor lock-in, so you can test or own the product with no strings attached. You can play or author simulations and games with any device that can access a web browser, and you are able to use the source code to build your own commercial product hosted on your own server.

Whether a designer, developer, or trainer, authoring is easy and accommodating. Using JavaScript, authors can build virtual worlds using ADL’s built-in 3D Repository which includes 3D assets, behaviors, sounds, and video clips or you can upload content from personal databases to build a private, custom library.

Trainers benefit from using the VW Sandbox because the scenarios made with it can be replayed for after-action reviews. Additionally, the Experience API (xAPI), a free, open source, and flexible mechanism for tracking performance integrates seamlessly.

Collaboration is strongly encouraged with video and voice chat, and private messaging available throughout the design and development process, and it can also be used once the game is deployed during training scenarios.

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Open Source

The community plays the most important role in developing software! This software is free to use, free to modify, and open for comment. We welcome pull requests, bug reports, and collaboration.

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Visit Demo site

Want to see it in action? ADL hosts a demonstration server for public use.

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Read the Documentation

Detailed information on how to use the Virtual World Sandbox can be found in our online documentation.

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